Route Card Maker - A simple aid for making route cards !

Making Route Cards for a Hike can be time consuming and even error prone. This simple app aims to make it easier to make a basic route card, and help keep you safe on your hike.

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Route Card

Basic Route Card as a grid

Elevation Chart

See Elevation over the course of the route


View the Weather from for you route.


Save and share your route.


Download your routecard as CSV (GPX and KML to come).


Use the forums for support and suggestions.


I wrote this simple app to help make route cards. I believe route cards are complicated but a neccessary part of any Hike. Given their use for planning and for safety, I wanted to make it easier for outdoor enthusiasts to make them. Being out in the hills or mountains, poor planning can lead to risks and even fatalities. My hope is that more use of route cards can reduce these risks.

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